Sill Property

This neighborhood deserves better and the property has been ignored for far too long. There is no cheap, easy solution, but it needs to be a priority. It is an eyesore and a liability nightmare. I have concerns that the levy on the ballot this November is not earmarked for permanent improvements and the informational flyer left at my doorstep does not address the Sill property. I realize that there has been “talk” of tearing down Sill should this levy pass. However, I’ve learned that talk is cheap and something always happens to cause funds to be diverted from their intended purpose. For instance the recent crisis involving teacher layoffs. May 2nd the voters passed a renewal levy. May 3rd there was an unexpected announcement that we didn’t have the money for 24 teachers. Come July the board agreed to a 2-year negotiated agreement with pay increases each year. So forgive me if I seem a little cynical that the demolition of Sill isn’t being highlighted in the levy literature hitting our doorsteps.

I’ve toured the building several times since its closure. The tree growing inside has always been one of my favorite photo ops. I’ll share some pictures and I encourage others to share their images and anecdotes on the Sill property here as well. Send images to and I’ll be sure to add them to the gallery.