Superintendent’s Contract Extension

There are two things on tonight’s board agenda that should be interesting. The discussion of the L.E.A.D.E.R.S. agreement and the superintendent’s contract extension.

They are tied to each other; however, the board neglected to attach the proposed contract to their website so we can’t comment on specifics. Generally speaking it’s usually bennies and raises that match the bargaining unit contracts. Commonly referred to as “me too” agreements. You negotiate a contract with the bargaining units and then piggy back on the terms. Think about that…

Anyway, I’m kind of surprised that this is on the agenda right before election time. It can be used and construed in so many different ways. I’ll take a wait and see approach because seeing it pop up now makes me suspicious that someone has an agenda beyond the published version. I feel as if shenanigans are afoot. There are two schools of thought in my mind. Either someone wants to lock him in until he reaches the glorious retirement threshold, or, someone doesn’t want to let a potentially newly seated board to have a hand in determining Dr. Nichols future in the district. Maybe that’s one school of thought now that I think about it.

I feel as if the contract should be on their site as an attachment. How can a person have public comment on it if we can’t see what you are approving considering? If it’s a true extension only then I guess I can safely assume at this time that all current terms stand.