For the Transparency, Engagement and Balance Our School District Needs.

“My record on open government and transparency speaks for itself.”

The introduction and implementation of is one example of what I believe is important to all residents in our district. I have and will continue to earn your trust and ensure that school district books and the Board’s meetings are open and accessible.

“I’ve always provided an open forum for discussion of issues.”

I will continue to provide information relevant to district spending and educational initiatives. We deserve to have honest dialogue regarding our state test scores, our push to college, our potential for an innovative rebuild… Are we better served renovating and maintaining? These conversations are crucial to determining the future of our district.

“I believe a board member should provide the balance between our schools and the taxpayer.”

The district employs over 400 people entrusted with educating our children. They are, as they should be, the people making the vital educational decisions for our kids. This is not the board’s job. I believe a board member’s duty to the public is to provide oversight of public money, develop goals and a vision for the district, and be involved in legislative and policy issues affecting all district stakeholders.

Patterson for School Board ~ November 7th

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